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Often when we think of taking care of the elderly and advanced in years, aged care and aged care services comes to mind. However, there are other options where housing for seniors is considered, including our retirement living villages. These independent living units have proven for year upon year to be among the best places to retire.  Alchera Living is a not for profit organization that operates four retirement villages; Applecross, Bull Creek, Webber Gardens, Weeronga, which incorporates The Reserve development. Our villages are beautifully maintained, close to amenities and public transport, with a friendly community spirit.  Alchera aims to provide affordable housing and a supportive environment for our residents who are in need of companionship and other support in order to reduce social isolation.

Enjoy the quality of life after 55 with Alchera Living

As a not-for-profit, retirement living provider, Alchera can assure you quality accommodation, a high standard of service, support and safety at varying prices. Our independent living units come in a variety of configurations and include both life lease or rental units.

With more than 40 years of experience in retirement living, Alchera Living is highly experienced and well placed to provide a secure and comfortable environment for the residents of its retirement communities.

Everything you need to lead the lifestyle you want is within reach. If you’re ready to grab it, call Alchera Living today.

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Alchera offers affordable and flexible solutions to suit your retirement plans.

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A range of amenities and public transport options allow our residents to lead a convenient lifestyle.







I have lived in the retirement village at Webber Gardens for over 10 years and have found the residents to be extremely helpful and friendly. The gardens are always colourful, tended by the residents themselves or the gardeners, your choice, and there is a delightful outside seating area where residents can meet and have a chat. There is also a lovely large communal room, with fully equipped kitchen, toilet facilities, and office. It is here that residents of the village are invited to meet every fortnight for a “Happy Hour” or two, bringing their own nibbles and drinks of choice. It is also available for extended family occasions, where there are activities such as Wii, large flat screen TV and DVD player, pool table, music, small library and a “state of the art” treadmill for that that are more keep fit minded. Outside this room, there is a pleasant BBQ area which is very popular on those warm evenings and is available to everyone at all times. All in all, the village offers a relaxed and pleasant lifestyle.

~ Colin Sargent, Webber Gardens.

I lived in a country town and wanted to move to the city. Three years ago I was fortunate to move into my unit at Bull Creek Village. The village is close to shops, public transport, and medical facilities but just as important, it is within ten minutes of my family. I like being able to help my family with the school runs and other activities. I really enjoy working in my little garden. It is big enough to get the pleasure without having the stress of too much work. I join in with some of the activities and social events at the village, but I also have a fairly active life outside of the village, catching up with friends and going to Probus. Finding Bull Creek Village has been wonderful.

~ Lorraine Pemberton, Bull Creek Village.

When some of my friends moved into retirement homes, I thought they were crazy! Why give up a lovely home? Moving house is such a big step and a lot of work. It wasn’t until I heard of what a great lifestyle they had that I started to take notice. While I was mowing lawns, weeding, fixing reticulation, cleaning out gutters etc, they were away, going on trips, joining social clubs and enjoying life in general. What a great way to live! It didn’t take me long to get the message. I have lived at Weeronga for over 11 years and I do believe it was a great decision to make the move. The lifestyle is so different. There are so many things I can enjoy now like going dancing or playing badminton. The staff here are on the ball and are always helpful and prompt to our needs. A magic wand? I don’t need one here at Weeronga. The staff make the magic happen and faster than I could out there in suburbia.

~ Viana Motroni, Weeronga.

I moved into Applecross Village in 2011. I have always lived South of the river and was looking for a village in that area. I was attracted to Applecross Village because it is close to public transport and on a direct route to Fremantle. I particularly like the small size as you get to know everyone else; it has a very helpful and friendly atmosphere and you feel safe. I love the location because it is close to the river and I can ride my tricycle down there – exercise and a beautiful view, what more can you ask for.

~ Bernadette O'Brien, Applecross.