Over the past few years, some talented Alcherians have been busy knitting and crocheting goodies for donation to the patients at Fiona Stanley Hospital. And yes, you did read that right, amongst the creations have been blankets, beanies and balls to boot!

It’s been a cold winter, so the beanies and the blankets won’t raise any eyebrows, but many of you will be wondering what the balls are for. These are used to reduce stress and improve mental health.

Board member, Kathleen Heath kindly ferries these labours of love from the office right to Volunteer coordinator David Tomlinson at Fiona Stanley Hospital.

On the 16th July Fiona Stanley invited Alchera residents Margaret Suiter, Joy Lewis, Glenise Donnes and Kitty Smoothy to join them for morning tea to thank them for their time and generosity. The ladies were taken on a tour of the hospital in a courtesy vehicle and enjoyed a tour of the hospitals many facilities.