We welcome the help of the Willagee Community in allowing Alchera to continue to offer contemporary retirement housing by supporting our ongoing use of this access road.

The City of Melville have commenced a community consultation process regarding Alchera Living’s application to retain the access road currently in place on the southern boundary of Winnacott Reserve.

You may be aware that the temporary access road was created in 2017 to facilitate the replacement of outdated accommodation in the north western corner of the Weeronga retirement village, overlooking Winnacott Reserve. At that time, Alchera installed a new limestone retaining wall and footpath, on what was a steep embankment adjoining the sporting field.

It has been recognised that the access road is able to provide significantly improved movement and safety for residents, visitors and service vehicles within the Village. Alchera would like to secure the access road in the long-term to improve efficiency and safety of traffic flow and help facilitate progressive upgrading of the Village over time.

If Alchera secures permanency, it is intended to enhance the boundary of the access road further by installing public artwork (wall) that reflects the cultural heritage of the Willagee area. Similar artwork has been installed to the boundary of The Reserve apartments as photographed below.

Weeronga has been a vital part of the Willagee community since 1975, allowing Willagee residents to downsize and retire in their own community.

Ariel of Winnacott Reserve showing the access road at the bottom right of Winnacott Reserve.
Enlarged view with access road boundary marked in red.
Artwork wall installed on boundary of The Reserve Apartments.
West facing view from Worley Street towards the new limestone retaining wall and footpath showing the existing fence proposed to be replaced with an Artwork Wall.


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What is Alchera Living (Alchera)?
Alchera Living is a not-for-profit organisation with Public Benevolent Status that operates four retirement villages in the City of Melville, of which two are in Willagee. Alchera evolved from what was originally ‘The City of Melville Aged Persons Homes Trust’ over 45 years ago and opened the first stage of Weeronga in 1975. Weeronga has become a vital part of the Willagee community, allowing local residents to downsize and retire in their own community.

What is being proposed?
A letter of submission and intent was made to the City in May 2020, ahead of progressing with a formal application with the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage to acquire the temporary access road land, located off Worley Street on the southernmost boundary of Winnacott Reserve. The access road is 494m2 in area, or 1% of Winnacott Reserve, and is located on what was a steep embankment that could not be reasonably used for active recreation.
The City are advertising this application to seek feedback from the community to include in a report back to Council with a recommendation for the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage. The Minister for Lands is the ultimate decision-maker.
Alchera would like to afford the community the opportunity to better understand the reasons why we would like to retain the road for vehicle access. Development on the road is not proposed. Alchera has no intention to build on the land, nor are there any impacts to adjoining neighbours.

Why do Alchera want to secure the access road for the long-term?
Alchera has a long-term vision for the Weeronga retirement village to meet the needs of its current and future residents. Alchera have recently built new independent living apartments on the north western corner of the Weeronga retirement village. To facilitate the construction of the new apartments, Alchera was granted approval for a temporary access road along the southern boundary of Winnacott Reserve. The current arrangement with the City has been in place since 2017. In that time there have been no known complaints about the current usage of the temporary access road by service vehicles or residents.
Substantial cost has been incurred by Alchera, including the constructing of the access road, retaining walls, and drainage on land that was underutilised due to the slope of the land within this part of the reserve. The ongoing costs for the use of this land are not sustainable in the long-term unless it is acquired on a permanent basis. Alchera can then confidently invest in upgrading the boundary fence line, entry gate, etc. and further improving the overall appearance of the area.
The access road will assist with improving how residents, visitors and service vehicles move through the site in a safe and practical manner and provide an additional entry/exit point in emergency situations. The permanent addition of this access road would provide a loop road system within the Village, helping to avoid the situation where Garbage Trucks and other large vehicles have to reverse down narrow roads frequently used by residents. Over time, the road will also help facilitate future development of Weeronga.

Will this impact any of the existing recreational activities at Winnacott Reserve?
The retention of this access road will result in no changes to the current usage of Winnacott Reserve. There will be no impact on sporting clubs or amenities.

What impacts will this have on the local community?
Supporting the ongoing viability of Weeronga helps to support the ongoing sustainability of the Willagee community and the Archibald Hub. This proposal will have no negative impacts on the local community. The access road was constructed over three years ago, and since its implementation has received no complaints from the community or otherwise.

If you have any further questions or comments, we encourage you to contact element via alchera@elementwa.com.au